Ricky Wilde and Nina reveal collaboration

In a new episode of the podcast ‘Unsung Heroes’, Ricky Wilde and Nina reveal their new collaboration.  
In the podcast, Lee Bennett chats with Ricky and Nina about Nina’s success in the synthwave genre. They talk about their new project ‘Scala hearts’, presented as RICKY WILDE X NINA. 
The album features the tracks ‘L.A. Dreamers’, ‘Causeway’, ‘Fade Me Out’, ‘Living in Sin’, ‘Night and day’, ‘Fighter’, a new version of Nina’s 2021 track ‘Gold heart’, a version of Dollar’s 1982 hit ‘Videotheque’ and a version of Kim Wilde’s 1984 track ‘Lovers on a Beach’.
‘L.A. Dreamers’ should be out later this month, with the album following in September. 

Meanwhile you can listen to how these songs came to be. You can listen to the episode here: