Scarlett Wilde releases ‘Unearthed’

The year 2020 will become historic for the Covid-19 pandemic. Several European countries are now in lockdown. For artists, depending on live work for their income, this poses a particular problem. Which is why many resort to selling music online.

And so, there is some good news: we finally get to hear the songs Scarlett Wilde recorded eleven years ago when she was considering her own career in music. Some of these tracks were released under the name ‘Scarlett Fever’. The original lineup was Scarlett (vocals, keyboards), Shane Lee (guitar), Neil Amon (bass) and Bobby Peters (drums).

The ten tracks have been made available via Scarlett’s Bandcamp site for just £7 (although a higher amount is also accepted, of course!). This is your chance to hear the original versions of ‘Rock the Paradiso’ (‘Amsterdam’), ‘Stereo Shot’, ‘It’s Your Birthday’ and ‘Fight Temptation’, the songs that were subsequently recorded by Kim Wilde on her album ‘Here Come The Aliens’.