TV performances in the Encyclopedia

Anyone who’s ever wondered if Kim Wilde has performed a B-side like ‘Hold back’ on TV, or how many times she’s performed ‘Kids in America’ on TV, will wonder no more.

Although our Radio & TV section is the most complete listing of Kim Wilde performances, it is not easy to answer questions like the above, because you’d have to go through all the listings to find out the answer. We’ve made life a little easier to do the research for you. From now on, you’ll only have to consult the pages for Hold back and Kids in America – to use the two examples – to find out the answer. And what’s more, future additions in the Radio & TV section will automatically be added to the Encyclopedia pages.

Obviously there is one flaw: there are probably still some TV performances out there that we don’t know about. If you have any TV recordings from the past that are not found on this website, you are always welcome to contact us.