Saturday Shake Up

28 February 1981
Tyne Tees (UK)

Kim is dressed in a black jacket, a t-shirt and jeans, while sitting next to a presenter on a blue stage. She is interviewed by him for 2,5 minutes.

One lady tipped for stardom this year is our special guest on Shake Up today, Kim Wilde. Kim, welcome to the programme.

I’ve been stuffing myself with that Indian food. Do you like Indian food?
Not much, no.

What kinds of foods do you like?
Um… I like everything really but I like salads and fruits.

How about Japanese food, we cooked it a while ago.
(…) Yeah I like that, nice fresh vegetables in it.

We’ve got some fruit down here and things like that. Do you have to eat things like that to look after your complexion?
Well complexion I don’t know, I just cleanse my skin a lot, I’m not prone to get lots of spots anyway so I’m quite lucky anyway.

Let’s talk about the music business and you. Your mum and dad are both in the business aren’t they?

Your dad is Marty Wilde, your mum runs an agency. Is that where your music involvement came from? I mean obviously they introduced you to music, didn’t they?
Yeah, I expect so, yeah, me being surrounded by music all my life is bound to rub off somewhere.

Did they take you on the stage with you when you were younger?
Yeah… Me and mum used to do that, we’d get up that and do our ‘doo-wap-shoowadeewadee’s and everything.

Did they encourage you to go into the music business?
They’ve always encourage me to do whatever I wanted to do, didn’t matter if it was staying on at school or going to art college, they were always behind me anyway.

You’ve just been signed up by RAK Records, under Mickie Most, who we all know very well. How did your meeting with Mickie Most come about?
My brother some other songs up to RAK…

What does your brother do?
He’s a producer and writer. And they signed him up on the strength of these two singles he’d done. And I happened to do the backing vocals on these again, you see, so we went up there to re-do them. And they saw me and they sort of thought… you know…

And your brother’s produced your latest single?
Yeah, and he’s written it.

Are you likely to be going on the road and sing the single for us here in the Northeast?
I’d like to, yeah. I hope we’ll get that together soon but I don’t think it will be for a while.

All right, well we’ll look forward to that. Kim, thank you very much indeed… We’re going to have a look now at Kim’s latest single, it’s number 43 in the charts and it’s called ‘Kids in America’. Just have a look at this.

(Video for ‘Kids in America’ starts.)