19 December 1981

After a full broadcast of the music video for ‘Cambodia’, Kim Wilde is interviewed in front of an audience of children. She also answers questions that have been sent in.

How are you? You had a terrible time getting here, didn’t you?
Yeah, it’s been awful, really.

This time yesterday you were in Italy, weren’t you?
Yeah, we got on the plane at 9 o’clock and didn’t leave until 5 in the afternoon. Didn’t get to Birmingham until half past five last night. I mean, half past eleven.

This must be a tricky problem for you, because you’ve got success in so many countries on the continent. Are you finding you have to cancel lots of things because of the weather?
Yeah, we’ve got to cancel a trip tomorrow, and I don’t know about next week because we can’t get anyone in the offices because no-one can get to work.

It is a nuisance isn’t it? How do you find all the travelling? Do you find it incredibly tiring when you’ve got to keep visiting all these countries?
I do, but it’s a lot of fun and you get to see a lot of interesting places. It’s mostly a lot of fun.

Last year there must have been such a dramatic change in your life, I mean this time last year very few people had heard of Kim Wilde, now, four or five hits later and hits in various different countries. Have you found it hard to cope with this?
Um… no. I’m having a great time.

You’ve been enjoying it. Quite a few people have actually sent in questions for me to ask you, actually. (…) Colin Porter wants me to ask you when we could expect you to go out on tour?
Hopefully next year. I can’t be very specific about that, unfortunately.

Is there any reason why it’s taking you so long to actually go out on the road?
Well, basically it’s because we’ve been doing so much recording and promotion abroad and everywhere, so it’s really a practical reason.

But it’s something that you want to do?
Oh yeah, definitely.

Right. Next question is from Graham Granger from Kidderminster, who says, I’d like you to ask what Kim Wilde what’s she doing next Saturday night. How did that get in there? Dave Johnson from the Isle of Wight wants to know, what record you’ve made out of all that you’ve made do you like the best?
That’s really difficult. I don’t know, I like Cambodia.

Any special reason?
Because it’s slightly different from what we were doing and people are buying it which means…

You were saying earlier that’s in fact the one that’s the biggest seller on the continent.
It is, yeah, at the moment.

In the film just now we saw you with all sorts of snakes and things like that. Was it quite frightening or are you alright with animals?
It was, it was the most horrific experience of my life, with a snake going over my leg, which was pretty frightening. But it was quite thrilling.

As you’re talking about animals, I’ve got a letter here from Tony Payne from Leicester. He says, I’ve heard that you have some Japanese koi fish as pets. Is that true?

And of course the inevitable question, loads of people have written in to me to ask you, about the influence your Dad’s had on your career.
Er… That’s a really hard question to ask, because all parents have a terrific influence on their kids. Just as much as anyone else.

Have you found it a great help to have a famous Dad, or not? Some famous kids say it wasn’t a help. Do you think it is a help?
I think it’s… the advantages and the disadvantages just about weigh themselves out.

Thank you very much Kim for coming in to see us here today and for making that tremendously awful long journey to see us.