1 January 1983

Brief interview with Kim in English, with Finnish subtitles. Kim tells about her musical influences and the use of videos to promote her records.

(…) How old were you then?
I think I was about 9 or 10, or 10 or 11. I was quite lucky because before that, my mum and dad had a lot of records in the house so I didn’t have to sort of go out and buy too many. But I think those were the first records I bought.

You are wellknown for your videos, at least in Finland. Do you think it’s good or bad that they make so much about videos these days?
Well, on a practical level it’s very good for me because it means that people can see me in loads of different countries without me having to go there all the time, which makes life a lot easier for me, because although I do a lot of travelling it’s impossible to go to all countries where I’m having success at the same time. And that’s why videos are a very good medium to help me take the workload off my back. But also they can be good to express – get a thought across to people in a visual way. But I think sometimes it doesn’t work at all. I think some videos have the exact opposite effect and they complely take away a lot of the mystery of a song. But I think others have a positive effect. It’s just down to who’s got the good ideas and how they’re put across. So it’s a dodgy business. Most videos, I think, that are made are very kind of average.

(Video for ‘Love blonde’ is shown.)