16 August 1983

Interview with Kim Wilde on the occasion of the release of her new single, ‘Love blonde’. First, part of the music video is shown and then she is interviewed by the presenter, Timmy Mallett.

Where did you get that amazing dress from? It’s really sexy.
Oh, thank you. I got it in Joseph in Sloane Street. I went in there one day, I wasn’t feeling very happy with myself and I just fancied cheering myself up. I saw this dress and I put it on, I didn’t bother to ask how much it was and I fell in love with it. And here comes the bill, you know… It was a shaky hand job…

What have you been up to, Kim, because we haven’t had a single out from you for ages now.
Well, we had a tour round about the time ‘Child come away’ was released, and that was in November, and then we’ve been working on the album since then, which will be out this November and… It’s been quite a long time but it seems to have flown by. It seems like it’s been a short break to me. And everyone else seems to  think it’s such a long time. It’s quite nice to think that everyone’s missed me. You’ve missed me haven’t you?

So what’s your plans then, what’s gonna happen  with the release of the album in November, another tour?
We will do a European tour. We haven’t done a lot of European touring yet. Places like Germany where I have a lot of success, we haven’t actually been there yet. So we’re gonna really hit Germany and a lot of other European countries at some time.

And then come back and see us here?
That’s right, yeah. We’re also doing something in Poland which will be interesting. We’re doing a TV special in Poland. So there’s a lot going on, very busy.