Breakfast time

1 January 1984

Interview with Kim Wilde. Her new video is shown first (for either ‘The second time’ or ‘The touch’), and then she is interviewed.

How long does a video like that take to make?
Well that video took 24 hours to make non-stop. They had me up at about 5.30, picked me up at 6, and they delivered me back to my flat 6 o’clock the next morning.

And it’s shot right through, 24 hours?
Yeah, it’s a long shoot.

You must have been absolutely knackered.
I was, everyone was. It was ridiculous. But it was good because it kept the momentum during the day and I think it’s a good way to make a video.

It was fun, was it?
Yeah, it was, believe it or not…

Well that, the new single comes out on Monday, is it? You wrote it?
No, no, no… No I didn’t.

I thought that you had started songwriting and this was one you contributed to.
I wish I had. I did contribute to it. But I didn’t write it. I have written some songs on the new album, which is a first for me, because I haven’t written any songs before. But I didn’t write this one, it’s Ricky and M.’s composition.

How have you found writing songs?
I love it. I really enjoy it. As you said it’s been a quiet year and during that time I’ve sort of got lots of stuff together, a little keyboard, a little four track recording portastudio, and taught myself how to use it all first…

You bought a studio?
A portastudio, which is kind of like a little box and it’s got four tracks and you can mix on it. It’s like a mini studio where you can put little tracks down and overdub some harmonies.

Now you’re writing stuff purely for yourself, or would you write songs for other people, have you thought of other people you might write for?
I’d like to write for other people, I haven’t really thought who at the moment. It’s something I would like to do. I’d like to get more into production, writing. I’d like to write film scores as well. And maybe TV.

I was going to ask, if you’ve made it as successful as you have, at such a tender age as you have, where do you go from here? You’re not going to want to do the same thing for another 50 years.
Well no. Well this year has been quite a change for us, we’ve built a recording studio and that was quite a change. We recorded the new album there.

The Wilde family recording studio?
Yes, it certainly is. And we recorded the new album and I started writing, we’ve signed a new record deal with MCA Records, and things are always changing. Things will always change. There’s always the next album, the next project,

How do you cope with – it’s a cliche – the pressure. You’ve become so successful in such a short time. How do you cope with being glamorous all the time, having to be so many different things to different people, yet maintaining the talent and the pressure of being successful with the next record?
I think it’s useful to have a workflow-like approach to it, treat it like you’re going to work, treat it like it is your job and I treat it like that. I approach everything in a sort of workwoman-like way. And obviously there are times when it gets glamorous and completely unreal but most of the time you can approach things… It’s the way you approach things really.