31 January 1985
Veronica (Netherlands)

Kim lipsynchs ‘The touch’ on the Countdown stage, surrounded by dolls and dummies. She’s wearing black trousers and a blue sweater. Before her performance she is interviewed by Adam Curry, presenter of the show.

We heard that you disappeared. What happened?
I just went on holiday for a couple of weeks and when I got back there was all this news about me disappearing. I didn’t know anything about it.

You didn’t leave a note that you were going somewhere?
Well, no. No.

I always call my mom, don’t you?
No… How old are you?

Well, can I ask you first, how old you are?
No I just wonder how old you are that you had to leave a note for your mother…

We’ll get acquainted later. Okay, Kim, you’re here to sing your new single, ‘The Touch’, why don’t you move over to our set there, with all the dolls and the dummies…

(Adam Curry translates the conversation, then the performance starts.)