In his image: Producer Gareth Harvey

1 January 1985
Channel Nine (Australia)

Interview with Tom Watkins of XL Design, with reactions from Kim Wilde. It’s an interview about the short-lived cooperation between XL and the Wilde camp. Kim expresses her relief at being able to “do her own thing” again.

Narrator: And there are those who’ve loved Tom Watkins, and left him. Kim Wilde used to be the jean clad girl next door, until she met Tom.
Tom: We got very excited about a Barbarella-type image, a really sort of like strong (cut)

If you’d stayed with him, what would your image be like now?
Uh… (Laughs) Well he’d have probably stripped me bare by now and I’d have my navel showing or he probably would have some thigh-clad sort of warrior-woman going down the street… I don’t know, it’s not even worth thinking about.

Tom: I think what happens is, you take somebody on, you do what they want us to do, and then they like to think that they did it on their own. Well, that’s the name of the game, we should be really hidden.

I don’t think it did any damage anywhere, I think for a while it was sort of almost quite tasteful and then kind of lost it a bit. But I’m glad I got out when I did.