Go for it

24 April 1986

This interview was filmed at Select Sound Studios, and has Kim talking about her health. There’s also a peek into the gym room at Select Sound, where a hometrainer can be used to fill dull moments, plus a short segment in which Kim can be seen cooking.


…I was just about to go off on tour, and obviously if you’re on tour and you need the stamina and you need your voice… You need all the pluses on your side really, because it takes it out of you.

I noticed for years in my career I was getting a few problems because of my diet, I discovered, although I thought it was something more serious at the time. And I went to a doctor and he said ‘you really have to alter your diet because you’re not having enough fresh stuff.’ I cut out fat a lot of my diet, and I don’t buy butter, I don’t buy whole fat milk. You know, I get very concerned about the fact that my family and my little brother and little sister are eating so much garbage, especially sweets, and it’s not a big problem to stop kids eating sweets, it’s not a big problem to stop buying bad food and to cut out sugar. It’s just a matter of doing it gradually. Good eating is a feeling of wellbeing in all areas of your life.

I’m not a mad health, exercise fanatic. I mean I’ve joined the dance classes down in Covent Garden, because I live in town so it’s easy for me to go down there. So I go down there with some girlfriends sometimes and completely strain every muscle in my body. And we have some stuff here at the studio as well, so if we’re sitting around not doing anything we just hop on a bike and peddle around, get your heart rate going up.

When you’re working hard maybe you’re tempted to overindulge in one area or another. Now I don’t think you should say ‘no’ to everything all the time because it’s bad for you, go for bits and pieces sometimes that are bad for you, just don’t overindulge in it. (laughs)