Good morning Britain

1 August 1986

Interview with Kim Wilde about her new single and album.

What have you been doing with yourself? We haven’t heard lots of your music lately. Yet you’re big on the continent.
Yeah, I’ve got a hit single out there at the moment which is doing rather well, called ‘Schoolgirl’, but I’ve got an album coming out in October and I’m finishing recording that in the next few weeks, so I’ve been very busy.

Where’s the inspiration coming from at the moment, where did the inspiration for this ‘Schoolgirl’ number come from?
‘Schoolgirl’ was an inspiration from my sister actually. My six-year-old sister Roxanne, she’s probably watching me at home – hi Roxanne, and Marty as well, or he’ll get jealous; that’s little Marty of course, not big Marty (laughs) – she was a direct inspiration for it.

I mean it’s got sort of an inner meaning, it’s quite philosophical isn’t it?
It’s a little bit, yeah, but you know it’s pop music at the end of the day. It’s supposed to be enjoyed and danced to.

What are you singing in it?
What I’m saying is the world is a terrible place, but I hope it’s gonna be a bit better for her and all children of her age. I just hope it gets a bit better for them, because things are pretty miserable.

Do you feel that?
Ooh yeah, I did when I wrote it, especially because Chernobyl just happened and you just have to look at every place on the map and there’s a war, so… Yes, things are really bad, aren’t they?

It’s said that half the things we get depressed about today are the things we wouldn’t have heard about 300 years ago because communications wouldn’t have been the same.
That’s true, I guess that’s true.