3 December 1986
AVRO (Netherlands)

Kim Wilde is interviewed by presenter Leonie Sazias. She conducts the segment ‘Toppop Test’, in which artists must answer a couple of questions posed to them. While this particular segment contains a couple of very interesting video fragments, the questions are pretty lame. Kim is a little surprised when she is asked ‘What was your first hit?’ and ‘What’s the name of your father?’.
At least we get to see clips of Kim performing ‘Kids in America’ (her very first appearance in Toppop on April 24, 1981, and Marty singing ‘Abergavenny’ and the Dutch song ‘Daar bij die molen’ together with Dutch singer Corry Brokken.
After this she lip-synchs ‘You keep me hangin’ on’ in an empty Toppop studio.