1 January 1986

Interview with Kim, after which the music video for ‘Schoolgirl’ is shown.

I didn’t move to Los Angeles. I worked there for a few months, I went there for a month, sorry, on the album.

What happened to your hair? It was blonde, wasn’t it?
Yes, I had an accident with my hair. I went swimming and the chlorine in the pool made it go green and it’s a bit of a shock, so I had to go down and buy a rinse very quickly.

And tell me Kim, who’s the schoolgirl in your new video?
The schoolgirl is the small sister of a friend of mine, her name is Paula, and she’s not an actress or anything, she’s just someone who I know and felt comfortable with, although the song is actually – I wrote about my sister Roxanne. She’s six, but a bit too young to be in a video.