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27 October 1987

Short interview with Kim Wilde, in which she comments on her ‘Say you really want me’ video, her personal life and her family.

“I think the ‘Say you really want me’ video, although it is very racy and sensual and sexy, definitely, I think every woman at some point in her day or life or week, hopefully, feels like that or would like to feel like that. It’s only a natural thing for a woman to feel sexy and look sexy. To deny your sexuality and your sensuality is just as bad as displaying it to an averge fashion. Which I don’t think I’ve done, I think I’ve done it with a sense of humour.

“You have to have a sense of humour about your sexuality. It’s not something you can take seriously. It doesn’t bring you love or, you know, all that kind of stuff. I mean, it gives you a few whistles on the street, but that’s not really enough is it?”

“My private life is something that has been as succesful as my career, which is not incredibly successful but… quite successful.”

“My personal triumps as far as personal relationships are concerned are that I have a tremendous relationship with my family, coming out of being a teenager and screaming at my mother and despairing my dad and now working with him closely and liking them as well.We go out together, we have fun together, plus respecting each other’s lives.”

“As far as men are concerned, well that’s not been quite so successful but I’m quite sortof… hopeful.”

“I haven’t allowed things to change me too much because I actually liked my life quite a lot before I became famous. I didn’t want to throw it all away, throwing my friends away and get better ones, richer ones, more famous ones, prettier ones… I didn’t want to do that.”

“I do love my fans a lot, I do, I’m very fond of them. They make me feel very special. It’s great to meet some my American fans when I was over there, doing promotion for ‘Hangin’ on’. I love it when they come back and meet me. Next time if I come on tour, and you’re around, come and see me.”