Sky Channel

18 April 1987
Sky Channel (UK)

Interview with Kim Wilde about songwriting.

(…) Something I intend to work very hard on, because although I love being in this pop star niche and it’s much fun and I enjoy it and I’m young enough to enjoy it and carry it off, but once I won’t be and there’s a lot of life to live, and since music is the reason why I’m here, and not to do this, particularly, altough this is very nice, but it is because of music and I really love music. And I want to stay in music for the rest of my life.

You may start off with an idea that’s kindof like a seed and it’s gonna go somewhere and sticking with a seed to make it go somewhere is the hardest thing. And I found that with writing it can be so demoralising, you wanna give up before it’s just blossomed you know. You only just have to keep plucking away at an idea. If you get something you just gotta really work hard at it to make it work. There’s so many songs I’ve written… I’ve done a lot of writing with my guitarist, so many songs I’ve felt like giving up on just the first chord he played. He might play something and I’d go ‘Oh, forget it’. And I learned just from experience to just work on it. Really great things can happen.