The new music

16 March 1987
Sky Channel (UK)

Canadian music programme with a segment about Kim Wilde, in which her comeback is detailed.

(Music video for ‘The second time’ is shown.)

I’ve had a lot of people angle a lot of things at me during the last six years of my career, you know, that I’m only in it because I’m blonde and I’ve got a face and an image and that kind of thing, or because of my father, because he was in the pop business, because he’s a famous star in the UK, or that I’m some kind of puppet being manipulated, I mean I’ve had the whole lot, that I’m just a sex symbol and I can’t do it, and I’ve proven them all wrong. I’ve got a great live act, I’ve been making records, I’m still around now after six years. And I’ve become a songwriter and I’ve just written a top 10 record in the UK. So I’m not too concerned with what people say about what I do. I just proved to them that I’m much more… there’s much more substance to me and you can’t tell that to people, they have to find that out for themselves.

(Music video for ‘You keep me hangin’ on’ is shown.)

The video of ‘You keep me hangin’ on’ really reminds me of the book by John Fowels called ‘The collector’ where he keeps this woman tied up in his basement to try and hold on to her. Have you read that book?
I haven’t, but in many ways that’s what the song’s about. It’s about a guy that you can’t get out of your head and in that way you’re imprisoned by him, emotionally. And that is what we wanted to get across in the video. Definitely. But I think the video makes quite clear that she’s getting him out of her hair. Or doing her damnedest to. It’s a different attitude to the one that Diana Ross had which I believe she would have taken him back at the drop of a hat. My one is more sort of aggressive and rough, tough fighting talk.

Have you had any response back from Diana Ross and what she thinks of your cover version?
No, I’ve had a response from one of the writers which is slightly more interesting for me. Lamont Dozier, indirectly he sent a message to us and said it was great and said it was really fresh and he really liked it. I don’t know what Diana thinks of it. I’m sure she’d love it, you know. She’s a groovy chick.