Video Music Box

1 January 1987

Short interview clip, with four quotes edited quickly after another.

‘I started writing about two years ago. It was quite a long time after my career had started, three years into my career. I hadn’t really got into writing because I didn’t have the confidence to. I didn’t think I could do it. So I thought, ‘I’ve got to give it a shot’, got a 4-track, started playing keyboards and just gave it a shot. Eventually I ended up writing with my guitarist Steve Byrd and also writing with my brother, a lot of the stuff is on the new album.’

‘I don’t go into the studio to record a song unless I feel very good about wanting to do it.’

‘I love performing and normally we have a noisy, raucus time. I never know what to expect when I go out there, but I just give it all I’ve got and I put a lot of energy into it.  It’s very fast moving and it’s fun.’

‘I’d like to conquer America.’