Des O’Connor Tonight

14 December 1988
Granada (UK)

Kim does a lipsynch performance of ‘Four letter word’. After that, she is briefly interviewed by Des O’Connor, who hosts the show. They then sing ‘Something stupid’ live together.

That’s a hit again. That makes you a contender for the Christmas number 1?
No, I don’t think so.

At least you’re a runner in the race.
Well maybe, yeah, maybe.

And this year, the Michael Jackson must have been a highlight. What was that like?
Oh wow, it was wonderful. We did 35 shows together and we went all around Europe and all over the UK, had fabulous response, and a lot of fun.

It must have been a different audience, because it was his audience.They wouldn’t have been expecting to see you. I know you did tremendously well. Was it different meeting his crowd?
Well, it wasn’t too tough, you know, ’cause their a real pop orientated crowd and they paid good money to have a good time, and also I’ve had a load of success all throughout Europe and here for quite a long time, so were really pleased to see me.

I’m sure they all like to know: did you meet little Michael. I mean, did you ever….
He’s not so little, actually he was taller than me. He’s quite tall. I did [meet him] once.

Didn’t he take you to the chip shop and things like that?
No no, I didn’t exactly bump into him at the canteen, you know.

I just went for a walk along the audience, and a lady grabbed me, see, I’m not gonna tell you where but she grabbed me, and I called her, just for fun, a groupie. Are there such things… We know there are groupies for the bands that follow the guys around. Is there a male…
No groupies.

There used to be stagedoor Johnnies.
Did there? Well, yeah, I do get my fair share of guys running after me. They’re mostly in the business though, not the fans.