25 April 1988
AVRO (Netherlands)

Kim is interviewed by presenter Bas Westerweel. During the interview, a piece on the set falls down and Kim looks up in wonder. After the interview, Kim does a lipsynch performance of ‘Hey mister heartache’ solo in the studio.

It’s great to have you in the studio again, because last year you were also on Toppop. What have you done the last year?
Well, after the success of ‘Hangin’ on’ in America I spent a lot of time over there, promotion it, and then straight after that went straight into recording my new album which is out in May, middle of May. So I’ve been writing and recording and singing…

And there’s a new single as well.
New single, yeah…

What’s the title of the album?
The album’s called ‘Close’ and…

Middle of May?
Yeah, middle of May, yeah.

And now you’ve made a single, ‘Mister Heartache’…
‘Hey mister heartache’ (laughs). Hey mister, don’t mess with me.
(Something falls)
Jesus Christ… (laughs)

Talking about a mess… ‘Mister Heartache’, what’s it all about, the new song?
‘Hey mister heartache’ is really about someone who you’re with and is just messing you around and you say ‘well I’ve had enough of this, you know, goodbye.