Parallel 9

2 May 1992

Parallel 9 was a children’s TV entertainment series, broadcast between 1992 and 1994 on Saturdays. In the second episode of the first season, Kim Wilde was one of the guests on the show. The premise of the show focused on Mercator, an old alien ‘Time Baron’ with very long eyebrows who had been banished to Parallel 9 after summoning an earth girl named Calendular as a result of his thirst for knowledge — a criminal offence on his home planet ‘Zarb’. As part of his punishment, he was allowed to awake for only 2 hours a week; from 9am to 11am on ‘the day the Earthlings call Saturday’, and had the ability to ‘beam up’ guests from Earth to Parallel 9, to take part in interviews and features with Calendular, who had decided to take up permanent residence in Parallel 9.
After her lipsynch performance of ‘Love is holy’, Kim is interviewed by Calendular.