28 April 1992

Lorraine Kelly interviews Kim. The music video of ‘Love is holy’ is shown during this interview.

It’s great to see you and you look absolutely brilliant!
Thank you.

A couple of years ago, you did get sort of overweight. Were you comfort eating, was that what it was?
Well I was living in London and I was eating out a lot. And I think I had a fairly negative image of myself at that time. So definitely yeah, I think a lot of the thing about weight gain is an emotional thing more than a physical thing. And I feel great now and I hope it’s showing.

Yeah, it certainly is. Do you do a lot of working out and all that?
I do, actually, yeah. It’s pretty hard work, I spend a lot of time in the gym, doing step aerobics in a class last night!

Isn’t that really tough?
It can be, yeah, it’s as tough as you want it to be, that’s the great thing, so it’s for everyone. I mean you can begin quite easily and then take it up to whatever standard you wanna do.

It’s supposed to be that form of exercise that burns up more calories than anything else…
It says that on the board of my gym, I fell for it then. But the reason I do it is because I enjoy the classes and it’s fun.

That’s the trouble with exercise isn’t it, so often it can be really, really boring especially when you do something like jogging. I mean there’s nothing more boring than that. If you’re actually enjoying yourself then you’re halfway there.
Well I started jogging, that’s how I started getting back into getting fit. I mean I spent most of my twenties not keeping fit at all, I even remember spending a couple of years not even doing anything. So it’s no wonder I turned into a bit of a blob (laughs).

Well you’re certainly not a blob now, goodness me. Is this the way that you’re supposed to be? You know sometimes when you lose weight it all comes back again, sometimes you end up being bigger than you were before…
Well I’ve done it really slowly over a period of about a year. And I haven’t done it with a diet either. So it’s not like I can go back into eating something that I wasn’t eating before. I just kept eating more or less the same things.

And it’s obviously given you a bit more confidence. Is that reflected in your music, do you think?
Definitely. Oh yeah, definitely. In every aspect of my life, I sort of got my act together just prior to writing and recording the album and then during writing and recording the album. So the album is really sort of a diary of that year, of that very important year of my life, really.

It’s sort of a real transition time for you, isn’t it?
Left home, got my act together (laughs).