The Big Breakfast

18 November 1993
Channel 4 (UK)

On Kims Birthday, Chris Evans calls her up at 7 in the morning to congratulate her. Kim is obviously still a bit sleepy, but accepts Chris’s wishes gracefully of course…
Co-presenter Gaby Roslin is meanwhile waving with a picture of Kim.

Chris Evans: This girl has got her birthday today, Kim Wilde! (cheers) 33 years old today, of course Kim was on the show last week but apparently she’s on the phone now. Hello!
Hello hun’

Is that you?

I said I’d call you, didn’t I?
Yeah, you did!

There you are… Happy birthday to Kimmy.
Thanks hun, how are you?

I’m very well, thank you very much.
How’s Gaby?

Gaby: Hello! Happy birthday!
Hi hun.

Chris: She’s still sort of smarting from the reviews you got last week which were quite good.

So how have you been since Friday? I mean, how’s the comedown from the Big Breakfast been?
Well, I’ve missed everyone, I’ve missed everyone there. Where’s Val?

Val’s around somewhere. He’s in the other room as usual.
I’ve missed you Val, we had a thing there, Val.

Did you? He’s still got it. Been to the doctor’s twice, but eh… can’t do anything about it. So describe the scene there, are you watching TV in the bed or are you in the living room?
Well I’m lying in bed in my house, upstairs and I got the telly on.

Big telly, small telly?
Medium size telly.

So it is your birthday, that’s why we’re calling, how you gonna celebrate?
I’m gonna hang out here, hopefully get some pressies and my parents take me out to dinner tonight.

How beautiful, what a beautiful thing. Anywhere posh?
I think it’s quite posh, yeah.

And look, we’ve actually got you some presents. Here are your presents, here. But Kim, they’re a bit big and they might not fit in the post, so how would you like us to get them to you?
What do you mean, bring them personally to me?

Well I suppose one of us could… if you’d like that.
Yeah, I would actually.

Well, we’ll have a look a bit later. (Gestures to other people in the room.) Okay Kim happy birthday, gotta go bye bye!