Garden invaders

30 April 2001

Garden Invaders is a gardening show with a twist. A team of gardeners and one designer do a garden makeover with the materials that the owners of the garden can win by answering questions from the show host correctly. If a question isn’t answered correctly, the materials can’t be used.
In this first episode of a new series, it’s presenter Mark Evans and garden designer Kim Wilde who take on the task of reshaping the garden of a woman living in Surrey who, by her own admission, doesn’t like to work in the garden.
The woman and her son do answer all the questions correctly, but their hanging basket is a failure. Kim has to judge their creation and is not impressed.
The garden is recreated by Kim and her team into a place with a Mediterranean feel. With no grass it’s a low-maintenance garden, but by Kim’s use of the right materials it’s become a very large and attractive garden.