Anyplace, anywhere, anytime (music video)

19 May 2003

Directed by Marcus Sternberg.
The duet of Nena and Kim Wilde was filmed near the London Stock Exchange and in Change Alley in London in early 2003.

Marcus Sternberg about this video

I studied and lived in London for many years so when Nena sent me the song with Kim I said ‘let´s go film with Kim in London’. For the look of the video I was channeling the Heaven 17 clip for ‘Let me go’, with the empty streets look and of course we also shot in The City. I was a bit nervous meeting Kim because i was a big fan of hers since the 80s. I remember coming into the costume trailer early in morning, Kim was already there and the first thing I said to her was, ‘I am so so sorry but can’t shake your hand because I have the worst cold and you have to be in perfect shape today’. She was of course very sweet about it and got me a huge cup of VERY hot tea from craft service. We talked about some of the other bands having revivals like Spandau Ballet and of of course her gardening show and how much fun she was having with Nena to record the song and performing it live with her. My choreographer friend Venol King came in to give some input on the performance of Kim and Nena. We tried some things out but pretty much stuck with my original idea to have the two of them sing right “at each other” while we circle around them with a the camera on a Steadicam rig. The Steadicam set up was actually a bit of a challenge because we had five people (camera, focus puller, gaffer, make-up and me) run a tight circle around the girls without tripping over. After circling five rounds one way we had to reverse direction to unwind the electric cable again – before it strangled us like a python. (Filmmaking is a silly job really.) Apart from the great solo and duet performances with Kim and Nena I figured I needed a mini story, just something small “for the mood”. We already had two strong women performing, so I thought let´s cast a young guy who explores the city and ends up going to a strange party with dancers and performance artists. Probably a bit like myself when i moved to London at 17 years. The creative process brings out some of your personal journeys I suppose. We filmed Nena and Kim till about 7.00 in the evening and then moved onto the Roundhouse, a location in Camden to film the “arty party”. We wrapped just after one. It was all shot on one long day – like may music videos. I had a lovely crew but the most important credit really goes to Kim and Nena for delivering such charming and warm performance. I love the little gestures, the smiles the shared laughs.