Hit 24 Soundcheck

6 October 2006
Sky (Germany)

Short interview with Kim and behind the scenes footage of the filming of the music video for ‘You came (2006)’.

“When I got out of the pop business, which was about 1995, I’d become really disillusioned with the music industry. I just felt it was flat and I didn’t like the music I was listening to and I didn’t like how the industry was going. It seemed to be more industry than music. It had become more business than music. I just thought, ‘oh I don’t belong here anymore’ and anyway I felt I’d outgrown it. And I had outgrown it, and I think the public had outgrown me. There was another wave of music to come.”

“It was pretty much when I got married and we had our family and our children. And I turned my back on the music business and that was my decision then and I had a new life. I had a new passport, a new name. My married name is Fowler, and it was really exciting. I’d grown a bit bored really of myself and of the music industry. When the Spice Girls came along I thought ‘I’ve got to get out of this business’. And then I got asked to do these Eighties tours. I thought… well… and then I did them and I had a really great time and I really enjoyed them – and that was after about five or six years. So that’s when it started, that’s when I started to think well actually, I’ve turned my back on this industry but it’s still in my blood, it’s still in my veins to stand up and perform and sing… and hey, people are liking it and so am I. So I’ll go with it for a little while and see what happens.”