TV Total

11 October 2006
Pro7 (Germany)

Kim appears in Stefan Raab’s TV show ‘TV Total’ to perform ‘You came’ and ‘Kids in America’ with the houseband The Heavytones and for an interview, in which she tells more about her comeback. Stefan joins her for backing vocals during ‘Kids in America’.

So how are you?
I’m great.

Everything is great, and you produced a new album?
Yeah, yeah…

Eight new songs, and of course the big hits from the Eighties and it was produced by Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen. How did you come together?
Well of course when I did ‘Anyplace, anywhere, anytime’ with Nena, we had an amazing time Nena and I doing that project – we were here of course, together – and then of course I met Uwe with Nena several years ago and I met him again on this project and we talked about making an album together doing some old songs, we’ve done six old songs, including ‘You came’ and ‘Kids in America’ and then we got eight new songs too.

Nena is joining you on this album, is that right?
She does ‘You keep me hangin’ on’ with me, she’s really fantastic.

What song do you sing tonight, for us?
Tonight, I’m gonna do ‘Kids in America’ again.

And by the way, you still have your gardening show in the UK? You do a gardening show on TV.
No, I haven’t done it for a long time. I haven’t done that for years actually. I have written a couple of books about gardening, one has to do with gardening with children and one for first time gardeners, and then I’ve taken a break from gardening really. I’ve really got back into the music and I’m really loving being back. I didn’t think I’d be enjoying it quite so much and I never thought I was gonna make another album. So this is amazing for me.

You’re still in the record books because you planted the biggest tree.
Yeah (laughs).

How big was the tree?
I can’t remember (laughs). But it was very, very big.

What does it mean, like, 20 meters, 50 meters?
Yeah, yeah. Something like that. We got it in Belgium and we put it in this place in Liverpool. We took it on a boat and took it overseas to the UK and planted it and it looked beautiful really.

Nena didn’t do things like that.
No (laughs). But you know, gardening is fun. Do you like gardening?

I love gardening. Look here (points to small piece of green in front of desk) I have it all here. Isn’t it wonderful? It’s one of my favourite hobbies.
Oh my God… That’s a disaster! This is cruelty.

This show, TV Total, was originally called ‘Mein Garten’. But we changed the name, you know.

Kim is brought back to the stage and Kim and Stefan proceed to perform ‘Kids in America’.