You came 2006 (music video)

18 August 2006

Directed by Phil Griffin.
Filmed in a studio in London, this video features Kim Wilde performing ‘You came (2006)’ in a room with her band. Dressed in a stripey black and white top at first, she then goes through several costume changes.
The video is riddled with references to Kim’s career: the scarf around the microphone stand is a reference to her ‘Bad’ tour with Michael Jackson (1988), the stripey top is a reference to her first ever video (‘Kids in America’, 1981), during costume changes she shows her bare back, which is a reference to the video for ‘Love blonde’ (1983). The picture frame is a reference to the video for ‘Who do you think you are’ (1992) and the bed sequence seems to refer to the video for ‘You keep me hangin’ on’ (1988).
The girls dressed in red shirts are a reference to eighties music: Kraftwerk as well as Robert Palmer (and his infamous ‘Addicted to love’ video).