Art on Ice 2008

9 February 2008
SF (Switzerland)

TV broadcast of the Art on Ice concerts that took place in Zurich between January 31 and February 3. Kim Wilde and her band, consisting of Steve Power (keyboards), Ricky Wilde (guitar), Neil Jones (guitar), Nick Beggs (bass), Jon Atkinson (drums) and Roxanne Wilde (backing vocals), perform ‘Kids in America’, ‘You keep me hangin’ on’ and ‘Chequered love’ live while ice skaters do dance routine on the music. There’s also a short backstage interview with a Swiss presenter, who also translates Kim’s answers.

You have your whole family with you?
I have, my sister Roxanne is doing backing vocals, my brother Ricky is playing guitar, of course he’s written all my hits, ‘Kids in America’, ‘Cambodia’ and all of them, and my sister in law Mandy is here as well, who’s causing mayhem, so, yeah, it’s fun to have my family with me.

What about your children, when they hear their mum sing all these big hits, do they like your music?
I don’t think my little boy is that crazy about it, Harry, I think he prefers Metallica, Iron Maiden… My little girl Rose, she’s eight years old, I think she thinks I’m quite cool.

Does your son like to skate with you?
I actually took them skating in Copenhagen when I was there last year, and they did very well. It was an outdoors skating ring in the center of Copenhagen, and they did very well. I’ve never really tried it myself, I do rollerskating and I enjoy that, is that similar?

I think it’s similar, but I’m not an expert anyway. (…) What’s the special thing for you to be in the show tonight?
For me, I’ve always watched ice skating on the television, never seen it up close and really close, like I am now. And it’s absolutely magical, I can see why it’s such a popular spectacle, it’s just quite magnificent. It’s a wonderful production, beautiful colours, costumes, and incredibly brave choices these artists are making, especially when they do those jumps. Your heart’s in your mouth and you hope they’re gonna land and they’re not gonna hurt themselves and it’s so beautiful to see music interpreted in that way. It’s absolutely wonderful. I’m chuffed to bits to be here.