Daily Cooks Challenge

7 May 2010

Kim is a guest judge on this daily cookery programme. At the beginning of the programme she is interviewed about her food habits and preferences.

I love food, yeah. All food. There’s nothing I don’t like.

If you have a choice, there must be something that’s your favourite.
I love spicy food, anything hot, chilis, koriander, Thai food, I really like that a lot, but I love really good home cooking as well. I love roast dinners. I love stews, yeah, my mum she used to throw stews together, carrots, lamb, very simple but really tasty. And dumplings.

What about fish and meat. Are you a meaty… more meat than fish?
We eat more meat than fish but I would like to eat more fish than we do.

Shellfish is good. Hal is not so good with that, my husband, men can be a bit funny with shellfish, can’t they?

What about cheese? Love cheese?
Love cheese, love really smelly cheese.

What about sweets? Do you love your puddings or not?
I’m less of a sweet, more of a savoury girl. I do like sweet stuff though. I love 70% chocolate, dark chocolate, stuff like that and I like traditional puddings if they’re done really well. But I’m not very good. I try to do crumbles, they’re just never very good. Maybe I just put too many oats in. You’re supposed to put oats in. Maybe I’ve just got my quantities wrong.