Die Ultimative Chartshow

16 December 2011
RTL (Germany)

Kim performs a medley of ‘Anyplace anywhere anytime’ and ‘They don’t know about us’ with a band consisting of local musicians. After her performance, she is briefly interviewed.

With Nena you recorded a duet. How did that happen? Who contacted whom? Of two world stars, who talks to whom first to arrange working together?
Well, Nena contacted me. We were at a media party in Berlin. She asked me, and I hadn’t seen her in years and I said ‘I’d love to’, and it became a great hit, it was fantastic.

On your website you can choose between English and German. So I think, do you have so many fans in Germany? Why is it also in German?
Well I have a German record company, I’m signed to a German record company, I’ve been coming to Germany for many years and we go back a long way. So thank you very much Germany.

Tell me something about the new album, ‘Snapshots’.
‘Snapshots’ is my tribute to pop music, I’ve loved pop music all my life. It spans five decades, from 1964 right through to 2007. And I’m really proud of it. It’s my 50th birthday, my 50th year, it’s like a present to myself as well as my fans.

Did you choose tracks you really love, or did you choose tracks that really fit together well on a cover versions album?
They’re quite diverse, you know. There’s something from the Buzzcocks and something from the Sugababes, Diana Ross, all the songs that I’ve loved through the years as well as songs that fit my voice.

The tour next year, when does it happen?
We start next March and I’ll be on tour for a few weeks. If you go on to kimwilde.com all the dates are there and I’d love to see you there.