Marty Wilde: Born to Rock ‘n’ Roll: the 50th Anniversary concert

Release date: 26 November 2007
Running time: 4:24:00

Track listing

  1. Endless sleep (Marty Wilde)
  2. Little girl (Marty Wilde)
  3. Rubber ball (Marty Wilde)
  4. Nut rocker (Marty Wilde)
  5. Sea of love (Marty Wilde)
  6. Six five special (Marty Wilde)
  7. Freight train (Roxanne Wilde)
  8. Puttin’ on the style (Marty Wilde)
  9. So sad (to watch good love go bad) (Marty Wilde & Roxanne Wilde)
  10. Scarlett O’Hara (Jet Harris & the Wildcats)
  11. Theme for something really important (Jet Harris & the Wildcats)
  12. Diamonds (Jet Harris & the Wildcats)
  13. Like I’ve never been gone (Marty Wilde)
  14. I will (Marty Wilde)
  15. I’d never find another you (Marty Wilde)
  16. Halfway to paradise (Marty Wilde)
  17. Apron strings (Marty Wilde)
  18. Do you wanna dance (Marty Wilde)
  19. Kids in America (Kim Wilde)
  20. Jezabel (Marty Wilde)
  21. Danny (Marty Wilde)
  22. It doesn’t matter anymore (Marty Wilde)
  23. Bad boy (Marty Wilde)
  24. Tomorrow’s clown (Marty Wilde)
  25. Jesamine (Marty Wilde)
  26. Here comes that feeling (Marty Wilde & Roxanne Wilde)
  27. Something stupid (Marty Wilde & Roxanne Wilde)
  28. Nights in white satin (Marty Wilde & Justin Hayward)
  29. Only sixteen (Marty Wilde)
  30. I remember you (Marty Wilde)
  31. Summer holiday (Marty Wilde, Brian Bennett & Bruce Welch)
  32. Move it (Marty Wilde, Brian Bennett & Bruce Welch)
  33. Donna (Marty Wilde)
  34. Teenager in love (Marty Wilde)
  35. Sorry seems to be the hardest word (Marty Wilde & Kim Wilde)
  36. Are you lonesome tonight (Marty Wilde)
  37. Roll over Beethoven (Marty Wilde)


DVD format

United Kingdom: Universal 1753360