We want your artwork for the Greatest Hits

Kim Wilde’s greatest hits album Pop Don’t Stop will be out in August as you know, and Wilde Life wants you to contribute to the project. Kim has released dozens of singles during her career and they all come with impressive sleeves and music videos. We’d like to see your artwork inspired by these singles, and they can be hand-drawn, painted, digitally constructed or even knitted.

While making your artwork, please try to stick to a certain single. It can be any single by Kim Wilde, from ‘Kids in America’ to the most recent, ‘Birthday’. All these artworks should, in the end, reflect Kim’s entire singles discography, so there’s lots to choose from!

With all your artworks Wilde Life will create a beautiful digital gallery, and who knows what else? Send in your work via artwork@wilde-life.com. You can enter as many times as you’d like. Please remember to make the scan or photograph or digital artwork as big as you possibly can, and if the file gets too big, use the indispensable service on wetransfer.com or comparable services. We’ll be looking out for your work!