Wilde Life on Bluesky

For many years, Twitter was the microblogging site where people loved to exchange ideas and find out the latest news. More recently, it has been taken over by a billionaire known for his affection for rightwing politicians, narcotics and the 24th letter of the alphabet. Twitter became ‘X’, and the tone of the debates has become cynical and negative.

While ‘X’ is still a channel to be reckoned with, we have made the decision to also offer our services on a healthier environment. Bluesky was created by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and has been described as “Twitter-like”.

You can find our Bluesky service, which started today, on https://bsky.app/profile/kimwildenews.bsky.social. If you don’t have a Bluesky account yet, you will be able to see the page. Getting an account is based on invites only at this point. Who knows, we might be able to invite you some time from now!