Wilde World: Arwyn Davidson

Kim Wilde’s first records were written and produced by her father and brother, Marty and Ricky. The three of them have had a great influence on the music world, as this regular series ‘Wilde World’ shows.

Arwyn Davidson was originally called Arwyn Jones. Working in a factory, he also found time to pursue his own singing career. The name of his backing band, Oscar and the Kingfishers, earned him the nickname Oscar among friends and family. When he secured a record deal with Polydor, they renamed him Arwyn Davidson due to the fact that Jones was such a common surname. He was managed by The Hollies’ manager and did support slots with artists like Roy Orbison, but in the end he only released a couple of singles. Arwyn and his wife Beryl had three songs. The youngest of these boys was Kelly Jones, who went on to become the lead singer of the Stereophonics.

‘Oh my child’ was Arwyn’s second single, released on October 29, 1971. The B-side was written by Ronnie Scott and Marty Wilde. ‘I don’t know why you bother with me baby’ was only recorded by Arwyn Davidson, although a Swedish cover version of this song also exists. More about that in a future installment!

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