Wilde World: Billy Forrest

Kim Wilde’s first records were written and produced by her father and brother, Marty and Ricky. The three of them have had a great influence on the music world, as this regular series ‘Wilde World’ shows.

South African singer and producer Billy Forrest was born as William Charles Boardman in Kimberley, South Africa in 1940. In 1961 he started his recording career. A lot of his hits were not under his stage name but under the name of Quentin E Klopjaeger. His version of Marty Wilde’s ‘Abergavenny’ was also released under this name. It appeared on his 1969 album ‘Fantasy’, released on the Polydor label in South Africa. These days you can find the track on iTunes on a complilation called ‘The life and times of Billy Forrest’.

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