Wilde World: David Hunter

Kim Wilde’s first records were written and produced by her father and brother, Marty and Ricky. The three of them have had a great influence on the music world, as this regular series ‘Wilde World’ shows.

David Hunter was the lead single of a band called Rescue Co. No. 1. They released seven singles on the Pye and Jam labels between 1971 and 1975. Hunter also worked as a promotion man for RCA Records. In 1974 he left the band and went solo.

On July 5, 1974, his debut (and only) single was released on EMI Records. ‘Jesamine’ was a cover version of the Manston/Gellar composition made famous by the Casuals (Manston being a pseudonym of Marty Wilde, as explained in this series before). The B-side was ‘You’re my one desire’, written by David Mindel, who produced both sides of this single. That same year, Mindel joined forces with David Seys to launch the advertising jingle company Mingles Music, with campaigns including clients McDonald’s, Action Man toys, Maxwell House coffee, McVities, Bisto, Bank of Scotland, Ballantine’s whiskey, Chambourcy, Cadbury’s, Budweiser, Brooke Bond, Betty Crocker, Dr. Pepper, Kellogs, Lancome, KFC and many others. David Hunter’s fate is less well recorded: we’ve found no trace of what happened to him.