Zespri presents ‘Kiwis in America’

In an attempt to market kiwifruit in a new way, Zepri has launched a campaign in America with two animated kiwis in the leading role. The KiwiBrothers, as they are called, have already been familiar faces around the world. According to Zespri, “the KiwiBrothers are named Green and SunGold and represent two different types of kiwifruit. They have differing personalities that create comedic interactions between the two of them.”

The brothers are introduced in a short commercial called ‘Kiwis in America’, and – you guessed it – it features a song based on Kim Wilde’s ‘Kids in America’. It will be used on social media, TV streaming, audio streaming and at events like sporting events, races and fitness expos to encourage consumers to try samples of Zespri kiwifruit.

You can see the video for ‘Kiwis in America’ below.